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If you need help completing online follow up forms, please see our FAQ section: http://www.wayneanderson.net/Pages/OnlineServices.aspx

This page will show step-by-step instructions for completing the online forms.

Please note. As you may know, we are moving to a new patient portal. As part of the transition to a new secure email system and the termination of the agreement with Intuit (who makes this portal), we have terminated the Ask a Question and Online appointment requests.

When the new system takes over, in less than 30 days, you will be able to not only send and receive email and request appointments, but also check your lab and radiology results, check your prescribed medications, see your diagnoses, etc. You will even get email or text (your choice) reminders 4 days before your appointment. Yes, I do think it is better. I hope you do as well. We expect the connection to begin by March 1, 2013.